Aesthetic dentistry – for a natural smile

Perfect, vital teeth are an expression of health, a symbol of beauty and generate sympathy. In order to guarantee you a well-groomed appearance and self-confidence in everyday life and to avoid tooth damage in advance, you can use solutions such as bleaching and a prof. Tooth cleaning, cosmetic dentistry avail. We combine the latest techniques with innovative, biocompatible materials in order to restore the original tooth color or to reconstruct lost tooth substance perfectly adapted to the natural teeth.

Veneers – laugh like a Hollywood star

Veneer comes from the English vocabulary and means something like veneer. Veneers are ceramic shells that restore the row of teeth and look deceptively real compared to the original. Veneers are also used in aesthetic dentistry. In the case of tooth accidents, misaligned teeth or damage to the tooth.

“Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Tooth cleaning, teeth whitening and veneers in pictures