The dream of white teeth

Once the substance has darkened inside the tooth, you can opt for the bleaching procedure. When bleaching with additional heat treatment, active oxygen is always used, which decolorizes the color pigments that have penetrated and gently whitens the tooth again. In-office bleaching is carried out on an outpatient basis in the dental practice – quickly and with immediately visible results. Deviated, root-treated teeth can be bleached with the walking bleach method or with heat if the root canal is densely filled and the bleaching agent can be placed in the tooth for a few days.


Carried out under the supervision and control of the dentist, bleaching is a safe procedure back to white teeth and even has a positive side effect: the professional whitening agents harden the enamel and thus protect the tooth. As an aesthetic service, the costs of bleaching are not covered by health insurance companies.

Before bleaching: Our prof. teeth cleaning