Periodontal laser therapy

Periodontal disease and prevention

Periodontal disease – referred to as periodontitis in its acute form – occurs when gums and jaw bones chronically and gradually recede as a result of inflammation caused by stubborn bacteria and tartar, for example as a result of poor nutrition, incorrect dental care or illness. The consequences are loosening of the teeth and ultimately tooth loss. In order to prevent this, we offer you various therapy options from medication to operations. Timely and regular prophylaxis, for example in the form of check-ups or professional tooth cleaning, means that longer treatments are not even necessary.

The therapy

Inflammation of the gums or inflammation of the implant can be treated without side effects using modern photodynamic therapy with gentle laser light. If the gums have become inflamed by bacteria and their toxins and there is a risk of destruction of the jawbone, antimicrobial PDT therapy is an effective alternative to conventional periodontitis treatment, which can require surgical measures and antibiotics in complicated cases. With PDT therapy, on the other hand, the gum and bone pockets are professionally cleaned, plaque is removed and bacteria are sustainably reduced by the application of dye molecules and laser light, which is largely painless. In this way, the natural balance is quickly restored with a healthy flora in the pockets and inflammation of the gums subsides quickly. We would be happy to explain all the advantages of PDT therapy for your treatment during a personal consultation.