Dentures / implants

Our specialization

Years of experience, constant training and the latest technology make us experts in the field of implantation. In our practice, the minimally invasive MIMI method is used. Painless and affordable, this innovative and gentle implantation procedure has been tried and tested for over 30 years and enables the quick insertion of immediate implants through the gums into the jaw – in just one session without any cuts or stitches.


If caries has destroyed the tooth substance, the diseased areas are removed and replaced with fillings so that the teeth remain intact and you can smile freely again. The filling material depends on the respective medical aspects and is selected taking into account the patient’s individual ideas in terms of aesthetics and costs. We use direct ceramic and indirect lab-made inlay fillings. We no longer use the standard filling made of amalgam, which is controversial in terms of health and optically disadvantageous due to its darker colour.


Smaller gaps caused by the absence of several teeth can be closed with bridges, crowns connected with links. The fixed replacement is anchored to the adjacent teeth, so it fills the empty space in an optically ideal way and, after professional treatment, cannot be recognized either when speaking or when laughing. We prefer bridges made of high-quality, durable and body-friendly all-ceramic, which can be made thin and completely matched to the color of the teeth.

Crowns (all-ceramic)

If a filling is no longer possible in the case of larger cavities or other damage, the remaining tooth can be preserved with a long-term protective full ceramic crown, which restores full chewing function and prevents difficulties in speaking. All-ceramic crowns made with a perfect fit in the dental laboratory enclose the tooth like a cap and feel like natural teeth, stable and shapely.


Implants are the safest method of replacing missing teeth and closing larger tooth gaps and are therefore increasingly replacing other forms of prosthetic care. They are comfortable to wear, protect the neighboring teeth, improve chewing performance, guarantee long-term functional and aesthetic success and thus increase the patient’s quality of life. With good care, regular dental check-ups and a healthy lifestyle, implants can last a lifetime. In addition, implants are a stable foundation for anchoring further dentures.