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Snoring is not harmless, as it can lead to reduced performance and damage to health, such as temporary respiratory arrest. By relaxing the throat and tongue muscles during sleep, the lower jaw and tongue fall backwards and constrict the airways. This causes the soft palate to flutter, resulting in snoring noises of up to 90 decibels. If the airway is completely blocked, there is a temporary stop in breathing. During this apnea, the oxygen saturation of the blood falls, the brain is starved of oxygen, the heart rate slows, and blood pressure rises. The repeated waking of those affected prevents restorative deep sleep. from snoring with SNORE3

Remedy: Our laser therapy

We are a certified SNORE3 practice. The treatment with a laser tightens the tissue in the area of the palate. This widens the pharynx and snoring noises can be reduced. Anesthesia is not necessary, occasionally only a slight tingling is noticeable. We would be happy to advise you in detail in our practice during an initial consultation.

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