frenulum of the lips and frenulum of the tongue

Separation of the frenulum of the tongue and frenulum of the lips

The small frenulum of the tongue and lip can cause problems in the oral cavity, which can be solved quickly and painlessly with methods of modern dentistry, which we plan comprehensively with you in a preliminary discussion and a detailed examination.

limitations in childhood

The lingual ligament connects the lower surface of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If it has grown too short – which occurs in about five percent of newborns – it restricts the tongue’s mobility, leading to problems with breathing, swallowing and speaking. Therefore, it is advisable to loosen this adhesion as early as possible. During the short procedure, the connecting membrane between the tongue and the base of the tongue is severed or incised to lengthen it. The lip ligament is located between the incisors and connects the inside of the lips to the upper and lower jaw. If it sits too low or is too tight, it forces the central incisors apart. The resulting gap between the front teeth often leads to a lisp and is also a burden for those affected for aesthetic reasons.


With the help of a CO 2 laser, both the tongue and the lip ligament can be separated very gently and brought into the right shape, saving time, without a scalpel and with little bleeding. Especially in paediatrics, laser treatment has numerous advantages, as it can treat the sensitive soft tissue gently and precisely. The uncomplicated and short procedure is usually not covered by health insurance.

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